Strength & Conditioning

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Our Role

To help our National Senior and Junior athletes achieve Optimal/Peak Performance in competition through the use of scientific training methods & integration with other sports science disciplines.

Our strength & conditioning coaches work closely with the sport coaches to design specific programs that cater to the needs of the athletes.

For athletes who are going through rehabilitation and reconditioning, our strength & conditioning coaches work alongside the therapists to ensure a smooth transition returning to play.

Apart from able bodied athletes, our strength & conditioning coaches also work with para-athletes in providing them with training programs that address their specific needs and situation.

Our Services

  • To develop, implement, monitor & evaluate periodized strength & conditioning programs for athletes training under the National program.
  • To monitor & evaluate physical performance of athletes on a regular basis and providing feedback to the coaches.
  • To provide education to the athletes & coaches in the area of strength & conditioning through seminars and workshops.

Before the implementation of any strength & conditioning program, a needs analysis is conducted. This is includes literature reviews, training/competition observations and talking to the athletes and coaches to better understand their sport.

Strengths and weaknesses of the athletes are identified through testing and this information, along with the needs analysis will be use to guide the design of the strength & conditioning program.

Regular monitoring is carried out to measure and track specific physical qualities in order to ensure that the strength & conditioning program is effective and achieving its goals. Feedback is provided to both the coach and athletes ensure accountability.