The Exercise Physiology Center associated with National Sports Institute of Malaysia is responsible for the provision of physiological support services to Malaysia national athletes and coaches. The primary objective of these support services is to help athletes and coaches to identify specific physiological demands and determinant factors associated with success in the sports.

Major Roles of the Exercise Physiology Center

1. Physiological Support Services

Physiological measurement and evaluation

The center provides comprehensive physiological assessments for the athletes both on the sporting field and in the laboratory setting. The data analyzed from physiological assessment can help athletes and coaches to understand and identify the specific physiological requirement of the sport.

 Performance monitoring during training/competition

The center also helps in performance monitoring during training and/or competition. We work with other sports science department to track the physiological responses and adaptations of athletes during training sessions, as well as the level of stresses placed on the athletes during the competitions.

Training intervention for optimal performance

Based on the physiological profiles of athletes together with their training adaptation and competition performance, the center can then help the coaches to design and conduct an appropriate training intervention to optimally enhance the athletes sport performance in their preparation for major competitions.

Effective recovery strategy

The center possesses hydrotherapy facilities to help athletes in promoting faster recovery from training and competitions. The center also responsible in providing the advice on the most effective recovery strategies and protocols in helping the athletes to maximize recuperation and minimize fatigue in their sports.

Clinical exercise testing

The centre provides clinical exercise testing which is exercise-induced asthma, or E.I.A, that occurs when the airways narrow as a result of exercise which measure by using spirometry device.

2. Athletes and Coaches Education

The center constantly involves in providing the education to athletes and coaches on various topics of interest regarding physiology of exercise and sports. The athletes and coaches education are very often conducted in a session of seminar, mini lecture or small group discussion. We also keep the athletes and coaches informed of any new and relevant advancement in sports science activities

3. Applied Physiology Research

The center is actively engaged in conducting applied physiological research to address the needs of athletes and coaches by providing evidence-based information on sport-specific performance enhancement. The center also collaborates with several universities and sports science institutions to develop an ongoing research culture and mutual partnership as evidenced by publications and presentation in scientific conference.