Performance Nutrition

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A person needs to eat and drink throughout their entire life in order to survive. An athlete needs to go one step further by optimizing fueling, hydration and supplementation in the interest of maximizing performance.

Why is performance nutrition required? 

The ability of an individual to make the right food and fluid choices in the right quantities and at the right time with the intention of fuelling their body to maximize performance is the key to performance nutrition.

Athletes need to eat to fuel training. They also need to eat to recover and they need to eat right when they compete. An athlete’s diet can also influence training adaptation, risk of injuries and risk of illnesses.

Consequently, the team of dietitians and nutritionists at the Sports Nutrition Centre of the National Sports Institute of Malaysia are here to support athletes in achieving their best by providing services that are evidence based and follow a food first philosophy.

Our aim:

To provide athletes with excellent sports nutrition service and to empower them with sports nutrition knowledge.

Our work involves an integration between the other members of the sports science and medical team, the coaches and of utmost importance, the athlete so we can provide the athlete with the best support we can offer. As they say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.